Electric Utility Services

Merwin Group Managing Director Mark Reisner states, "We know electric power service. We've been there through multiple challenges, achieving successes, making contributions for nearly 40 years. We've grown by being a key contributor, advancing though leadership and evolving industry standards. We know what our clients deserve and have the skills and experience to deliver."

An electric utility executive commented: "Mark conceived, implemented and placed into everyday practice predictive models with advanced statistical modeling and created algorithms in use decades later to pinpoint and assure availability of critically long lead time service parts."

Siemens, an international manufacturer of electric power generation, transmission and distribution equipment systems, targeted the US market for expansion in the 1970’s. Siemens was tremendously successful through the sale of 20,000+ megawatts generation equipment and it was critical for the company to establish an extensive parts and service presences with near-immediate availability of technical field services, highly specialized tools and critical renewal and spare parts. Achieving the essential reliability and availability of electric power for utilities across the nation could only be accomplished with an extensive US-based service center.

Mark had the lead function of identifying, targeting, contacting, attracting, recruiting and placing a core staff of engineers for the field service group. Over the years, he refined the process, skills and essential ability to identify and attract the most qualified and talented personnel.

Subsequently, Mark was charged with building his own team to lead the development, essentially from scratch, of the full cycle parts business to provide the technical service, accounting, identification, procurement, manufacturing, stocking, pricing, recommending, supporting, delivering and guiding. He shared some of the results.

"We devised a highly innovative mobile parts stock and warehouse program with containers pre-inventoried with expendable, spare and renewal parts likely required for power generation routine inspection, overhauls and even emergency outages," Mark said. "The methods evolved into tremendous improvement in reliability and availability dramatically reducing outage times and becoming electric utility service standards."

"We achieved multi $ millions in business volumes in just a few years while achieving record high availability and reliability levels," he concluded.